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Let Everyone in on the Launch

By Natasha | August 7, 2008

Sourced from Service Untitled

Before you introduce a new product or service, it goes through a lengthy design process and rigorous testing. You spend untold hours on a marketing strategy, getting everything just right. Launch day comes, though, and you realize you forgot something: Nobody told your customer-service department about the company’s latest and greatest offering before people started calling and emailing to ask questions.

“It creates a lot of confusion, is bad for morale, and upsets customers,” says the anonymous writer at the Service Untitled blog. “Having a more formalized process that keeps customer service in mind is a much better way to handle product launches.”

Service Untitled suggests these steps:

  1. Educate everyone in customer service on its benefits and features. Even go so far as to require certification before they interact with the public.
  2. Give them a clear sense of the volume you expect, and update them on promotions, discounts and special pricing.
  3. Advise frontline staff on possible problem areas—if you’re concerned about something in particular, let them know. And be sure that they have the resources needed for resolution.
  4. Update your website so the information customers see online matches what a customer service representative will tell them.

“Creating a process lets companies work through [a launch] like it’s second nature,” says Service Untitled. “[They] can be consistent and most importantly, they can go smoothly.”

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