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3…2…1… Happy Financial Year!

By Natasha | January 1, 2016

What better way to celebrate the start of the financial year than with a review of your marketing goals and objectives.

Here are three simple steps.

  1. Review your 15/16 marketing activities. What was successful?  What was not?  Did you conduct your marketing activities according to plan?  Did you have a plan? What was the impact of your marketing?  Did it create greater brand awareness? Did it generate new business or leads?  Did you measure your marketing campaigns.
  2. What would you change? What would you do differently in sales, marketing or client relations if you had that time over again?  What did you learn from last year?
  3. Plan and change. Revise your marketing plan, make sure that it fits with your organisations objectives.  Be prepared to change your activities and be creative.

If marketing is a daunting task for you, step back and relax.  Your goal for 2008/2009 should be to focus on three marketing activities to deliver on and do well.  These activities as compared to those from last year should be remarkable.  difference to how your business you achieved last year.  These activities are going to help you get closer to your goal.   Don’t over commit yourself, but make sure you follow through and measure your chosen activities.

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