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Drive Customers Your Way

By Natasha | May 30, 2008

When starting a small business with a limited marketing budget, how do you possibly compete with the bigger players in the market in terms of promotion?

  1. Tell everyone you have arrived. Get your name out there.  Word of Mouth marketing is the key to getting more and more people to know who you are and what you do.  The more that do, the better.
  2. Contact your local media. Let them know what you are up to.  Be sure to share your skills and knowledge with them.
  3. Get your message heard online. You need a business website, but it needs to be search engine friendly.  Make sure you plan what you want to get from your website - what do you want your customers to do?  Search Engines are the key.  You can be searchable through organic listings to optimise your website or consider buying google keywords or adwords to get customers to find you.  Speak to your web designer for their advice on the best method to suit you.

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