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Serve a steady stream of snack-sized messages

By Natasha | October 27, 2015

I am really enjoying the Blog from Drew McLellan, here is another tasty topic for you…..

Ever hear those radio spots where the poor on-air talent is talking so fast it sounds as if they didn’t take a breath for the entire: 60 seconds?
That’s an example of the “shove it all in” thinking.

Many business owners believe that they have to cram all the facts, figures and information into every single ad, sign, brochure and web page.  They are in a panic, imagining that they might never have another chance to tell their story.

Of course, when they create marketing tools that are over-packed, that’s exactly what happens. The audience turns a deaf ear.

When you think about creating a marketing piece — think bite-sized snacks.  One piece, one message.

Have you ever over indulged at Christmas and when you finally pushed away from the table, you felt like you might burst?  Contrast that with how you feel when you eat several mini-meals throughout a day.

Your marketing tools should be like mini-meals.  Tasty treats that your audience will look forward to because they are not too filling and were created to delight the consumer.

Be a smart marketer.  Don’t drive your audience away by drowning them in details.  Give them plenty of time and space to slowly absorb your message.  One bite at a time.

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