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Three Tips for Developing an Effective Marketing Plan

By Natasha | April 4, 2008

I came across this Blog by Drew McLellan on effective marketing planning.  An effective marketing plan can keep you focused on your goals and caution you to spend your marketing budget on the wrong things.

So you need a marketing plan, but where do you start?  Here is some advice from Drew McLellan: 

  1. You can be too ambitious. Most small businesses make the mistake of launching too many marketing initiatives when they don’t have the resources to follow through on each one. You’re better off doing fewer things, but doing them frequently and well.
  2. Don’t depend on a single medium. Says McLellan, “No matter how much you believe in word of mouth, direct mail, e-newsletters or an interactive Web site, one of your goals should be delivering key messages through a variety of media.” It isn’t called a marketing mix for nothing. With a more diverse campaign you are likely to increase your reach and your number of impressions.
  3. Remember your core audience. You want to attract new customers, and there’s a natural urge to invest all of your marketing resources in doing just that. But, warns McLellan, it’s a shortsighted strategy. “The two most important audiences are your employees and your current customers,” he says. “Be sure your marketing plan gives them enough attention.” These groups deserve at least half of your time and budget.

Source: Drew’s Marketing Minute. Read the original blog post here.

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