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Is Your Headline Working for or Against You?

By Natasha | March 2, 2008

Don’t blame media choices for a failed marketing campaign. Deciding that your direct mail or print ads didn’t work can be a costly mistake, for instance, when a more likely explanation is that you chose the wrong message for your audience.

Or perhaps the problem is as simple as a boring, ineffective headline. You might even have forgotten to include one at all! Or perhaps you thought your business name is the headline. Well it’s not.

Here are a few tips to get that headline working for you:

1. Get to the point. Brief, punchy headlines work best
2. Make it active. Energise your headline with vivid, action verbs.
3. Grab the readers’ attention. Use copy that asks a personal, poignant or catchy question.
4. Use visual appeal. Use a white type on a black background as contrast.

Don’t expect the headline to sell for you.  But on the flip side, don’t expect the reader to stop without a show-stopping headline.

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