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Four Ways to Encourage Word of Mouth

By Natasha | February 25, 2008

In a post at MarketingProfs’ Daily Fix blog, Andy Sernovitz discusses some takeaways from a recent experience in which he told an office manager that the $239 Dell monitor he purchased for his PC would work with her Mac. “She said she had been saving up for a monitor from Apple for three times the price,” he writes, “but she was going to check out the Dell instead.”

Use conversation starters. Sernovitz realized the Dell monitor was Apple-compatible because the cable was included as an accessory. This extra is the conversation starter; while most Dell customers have no use for it, their Mac-loyal friends might want to know about a cost-effective alternative. “The resulting word of mouth pays for the extra cost,” he says. “What can you put in the box to start a conversation?”

Use good names. Ditch memory-defying alphanumeric product names for more catchy alternatives. Are you more likely to tell a friend about the SP2208WFP or the Fred 22?

Use simple URLs. Use a URL that’s simple to remember and pass along—for instance, dell.com/fred.

Use referral landing pages. Let customer evangelists create a page like dell.com/sernovitz with favorite purchases and wish lists. “It’s easy to do,” he says, “and it makes me look great when I tell people about it. Give me points when my friends visit. Give referrers status and recognition.”

“Great word of mouth is more than buzz,” says Sernovitz. “It’s nailing the simple tactics that help the conversation spread.”

Source: MarketingProfs. Click here for the post.

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