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What pizza?

By Natasha | January 18, 2008

Trying to sell pizza, trying to promote a school, trying to sell shoes, toys or even a house?Pizza

You wouldn’t try to sell a house without displaying the house in your advertising or brochure.  The same goes for trying to sell a school to parents.  How do you stir the emotions of your prospective parents if you don’t feature the students, ‘the life of the school’ and the purpose for its being.

I recently received a brochure in the mail for a new pizza shop that had just opened down the road.  The brochure was brightly coloured in sunny yellow and sky blue.  It had all the relevant information, types of pizzas with creatively themed romatic names, but something was lacking.  Can you guess what it was?

Yes, not one picture, icon or glimpse of pizza or pasta being sold.

How can you possibly tempt, attract or appeal to your target market if you don’t give them a reason, a mouth watering experience to seek you out? Display images of who you are, what you sell and what you stand for. You will grab the attention of your target more effectively than just words.

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