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The Art of Referrals

By Natasha | November 16, 2007

For many of us referrals are an important part of our business. But what warrants a referral and how do you get your clients to give them. The key to referrals is to exceed client’ expectations…. but you must let them know you have done so!

Often in our business dealings we supply a product or service with a little extra. For example, Mary has an IT company that supplies computers to small businesses. She could simply supply a desktop computer to a client, but as part of her service to the client she reloads existing files into the new system and sets applications according to the specifications of the client. The level of service provided by Mary is substantially more than simply providing a computer from shop to door. However, the client is none the wiser of the added service and sees this as the norm for the service provided. The norm in fact is usually at a much lower level.

When we do something exceptional, say at that higher level, we need to remind our clients that it is above and beyond the call of duty.

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