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Putting the V.I. back into V.I.P.

By Natasha | October 28, 2007

I came across this Blog topic and doesn’t it ring true. Just recently, I was invited to a VIP night and on arrival I found half the city there, it was a bit like shopping on Christmas eve,everyone was out in force.  That didn’t make me feel much like a V.I.P.  so I turned around and left.

The concept of holding special V.I.P. sales for your best customers and the relatives of employees is nothing new. It’s a win-win situation: Those most responsible for your company’s success feel appreciated, while you receive increased loyalty.

Blogger Greg Verdino often receives V.I.P. mailers from the stores he frequents, and has participated in several of his clients’ employee discount programs. But he couldn’t believe it when he saw a newspaper insert advertising a V.I.P. Family and Friends Event from a major retailer. “Promoting a private ‘V.I.P. event’ to everybody who happens to subscribe to the Sunday paper,” he writes. “Isn’t this what retailers used to just call a ’sale’?'”

If you’re tempted to play fast and loose with those you include in a “family and friends” campaign, consider this:

Verdino’s friendly advice: “Consumers aren’t stupid enough to believe that you really think they’re all V.I.P.’s. Those who aren’t will see right through your ploy, and those who are will probably feel like you couldn’t care less.”

Source: Marketing Profs - Get to the Point and Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog.

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