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Know thy customer and care enough - one key to business success

By Natasha | October 2, 2007

Jim Rohn once said “If you care at all, you’ll get some results. If you care enough, you’ll get incredible results.”  There are many keys to business success – vision, goals and planning, differentiation and strategic relationships, but there is one key factor that must be in place for a business to succeed and that is to know thy customer – to care enough

As documented by management thinker, the late Peter Drucker “there is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer. It is the customer who determines what a business is. What the business thinks it produces is not of first importance - especially not to the future of the business and to its success. What the customer thinks he is buying and considers ‘value’ is decisive - it determines what a business is, what it produces and whether it will prosper.”

Customer service is one of the greatest keys to your business success. It can literally make or break you. Why?  Because your entire business, marketing, sales and profits depend on your customers. You’re in business to generate profits by selling your products and services to customers who need and want to make their lives better and easier.  So why not place greater importance on your customers? 

Whatever you do needs to be carefully designed to meet and satisfy the needs of your customers.  Treat every service situation as unique. Interact with each customer as an individual and treat them in a way that they want to be treated.

Great marketing will acquire new customers for you and customers may first come into your business because of what you are offering, but its great customer service that ensures that the customers keep coming back to you. People tend to do business with people they like and trust, and are more likely to be loyal and continue to buy from those who provide them with excellent customer service. Remember, customers who are not satisfied with the way they are treated can easily take their business elsewhere. 

Learning how to treat your customers exceptionally well will bring an unexpected result: your customers will become an effective marketing tool for your business.  But just as positive word-of-mouth can increase you customer numbers and reputation; poor customer service will send your customers into a ‘negative’ talkfest. 

Providing exceptional customer service costs much less in dollars and sense, than providing poor service.  It costs more to gain new customers than it does to maintain existing ones.  So what will you do today to ensure customer service is one of the keys to your business success?

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