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Three Tips for Generating Referrals

By Natasha | October 20, 2007

Boosting your referrals is as easy as asking yourself three questions:

  1. Do your existing clients understand the full scope of your services? It’s possible you have clients only too happy to give referrals who are aware only of the services they use. The solution is to give your clients¬†a big-picture view of your company.
  2. Do your clients know you want to grow your business? Talk to your clients about referrals.¬† Most clients would be thrilled that you thought so highly of them and that you’re sharing your growth plans and requesting their help.
  3. Do you reward referral-generating behavior? Acknowledge any referral from colleagues with a gift, a free product or an extra resource. Make it a habit to reward any referral, even if it turns out to be the worst prospect you’ve ever seen. People appreciate rewards, and you’ll keep getting referrals.

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