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Is Your Headline Working for or Against You?

By Natasha | September 23, 2007

In a recent post on her blog, Results Revolution, Marianna Hayes writes about her pet peeve—blaming media choices for a failed marketing campaign. Deciding that your direct mail or print ads didn’t work can be a costly mistake, for instance, when a more likely explanation is that you chose the wrong message for your audience.

Or perhaps the problem is as simple as a boring, ineffective headline. You might even have forgotten to include one at all! Explains Hayes, the president of HALO Business Advisors, “Your business name in bold across the top of an ad does not count as a headline.”

Her advice for getting your readers’ attention:

“Don’t expect the headline to sell for you,” writes Hayes. “But on the flip side, don’t expect the reader to stop without a show-stopping headline.”

Source: Get to the point - MarketingProfs

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