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I don’t have time for marketing

By Natasha | May 13, 2007

The function of marketing is often left behind whilst many small business owners and managers tackle the everyday tasks of the business.  From a recent study conducted by Five-id, time was most mentioned as the reason why business owners did not get involved with marketing or business planning and the reason why they in fact disliked planning.

“You’d struggle to find SME’s where marketing is a core competence” says Mark Ritson of the Melbourne Business School.  He believes that many businesses confuse marketing with expensive sponsorship or TV advertising campaigns, these businesses assume that it is out of reach. 

This is quite true, on many an occasion small businesses consider marketing to be the advertising of the business, but it goes deeper than that. Businesses often forget to focus on their customer needs when formulating marketing activities and the whole purpose behind the marketing thrust. 

Marketing of your business includes looking at ways to better create, educate, involve and maintain customers and part of the function is to manage your branding.  Marketing should be targeted and planned, be most effective and economical and make the best use of your available resources.

Do not blame a lack of time or money for your failure to embrace marketing.  It is within everyone’s reach.  You just have to realise it.  Seek guidance about what you can do with your resources today!

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