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When it’s time to hire a professional

By Natasha | April 22, 2007

‘Why pay a plumber to fix a leaking tap, when I can do it myself?’  I’m sure you have all had a home handy man or woman who takes on what seems a simple job, but with disastrous effects.  Hours later you still have a leaking tap, puddles on the floor and a frustrated, not to mention a hot tempered home handy man.

Similar to what we face at home, in the office we constantly face the decision as to what parts of our business to outsource and what we can do ourselves.  In today’s business environment of tight resources and financial restraints doing “more with less” seems to be the mantra.

But really, how effective is it for your business.  You end up spending excessive hours working on a project that will chew up your precious time, take you away from your core business and with an effect that may not be what you had imagined.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t be the plumber, what I am saying is do what you do well and get someone else to fill the gaps.

Contract a professional, someone with industry and experience in the area you need fulfilling.  And yes, while the investment in this person will take a bite out of your financial resources the outcomes generated should far outweigh what you hoped you could achieve without the experience.

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