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3…2…1… Happy Financial Year!

Friday, January 1st, 2016

What better way to celebrate the start of the financial year than with a review of your marketing goals and objectives.
Here are three simple steps.

Review your 15/16 marketing activities. What was successful?  What was not?  Did you conduct your marketing activities according to plan?  Did you have a plan? What was the impact of your [...]

Serve a steady stream of snack-sized messages

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

I am really enjoying the Blog from Drew McLellan, here is another tasty topic for you…..
Ever hear those radio spots where the poor on-air talent is talking so fast it sounds as if they didn’t take a breath for the entire: 60 seconds?
That’s an example of the “shove it all in” thinking.
Many business owners believe [...]

Marketing Meltdown

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Marketing budgets often take a hit during economic downturns. And whether your department experiences a cutback, or you’re simply on the hunt for inexpensive ways to increase your reach, Jenni Hilton offers ideas for maximizing your PR dollar in a post at Eternal Thoughts from a Sunshine Mind. Here are some highlights:
Get listed in local [...]

Let Everyone in on the Launch

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Sourced from Service Untitled
Before you introduce a new product or service, it goes through a lengthy design process and rigorous testing. You spend untold hours on a marketing strategy, getting everything just right. Launch day comes, though, and you realize you forgot something: Nobody told your customer-service department about the company’s latest and greatest offering [...]

Drive Customers Your Way

Friday, May 30th, 2008

When starting a small business with a limited marketing budget, how do you possibly compete with the bigger players in the market in terms of promotion?

Tell everyone you have arrived. Get your name out there.  Word of Mouth marketing is the key to getting more and more people to know who you are and what you [...]

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