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By Natasha | January 13, 2016

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3…2…1… Happy Financial Year!

By Natasha | January 1, 2016

What better way to celebrate the start of the financial year than with a review of your marketing goals and objectives.

Here are three simple steps.

  1. Review your 15/16 marketing activities. What was successful?  What was not?  Did you conduct your marketing activities according to plan?  Did you have a plan? What was the impact of your marketing?  Did it create greater brand awareness? Did it generate new business or leads?  Did you measure your marketing campaigns.
  2. What would you change? What would you do differently in sales, marketing or client relations if you had that time over again?  What did you learn from last year?
  3. Plan and change. Revise your marketing plan, make sure that it fits with your organisations objectives.  Be prepared to change your activities and be creative.

If marketing is a daunting task for you, step back and relax.  Your goal for 2008/2009 should be to focus on three marketing activities to deliver on and do well.  These activities as compared to those from last year should be remarkable.  difference to how your business you achieved last year.  These activities are going to help you get closer to your goal.   Don’t over commit yourself, but make sure you follow through and measure your chosen activities.

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Serve a steady stream of snack-sized messages

By Natasha | October 27, 2015

I am really enjoying the Blog from Drew McLellan, here is another tasty topic for you…..

Ever hear those radio spots where the poor on-air talent is talking so fast it sounds as if they didn’t take a breath for the entire: 60 seconds?
That’s an example of the “shove it all in” thinking.

Many business owners believe that they have to cram all the facts, figures and information into every single ad, sign, brochure and web page.  They are in a panic, imagining that they might never have another chance to tell their story.

Of course, when they create marketing tools that are over-packed, that’s exactly what happens. The audience turns a deaf ear.

When you think about creating a marketing piece — think bite-sized snacks.  One piece, one message.

Have you ever over indulged at Christmas and when you finally pushed away from the table, you felt like you might burst?  Contrast that with how you feel when you eat several mini-meals throughout a day.

Your marketing tools should be like mini-meals.  Tasty treats that your audience will look forward to because they are not too filling and were created to delight the consumer.

Be a smart marketer.  Don’t drive your audience away by drowning them in details.  Give them plenty of time and space to slowly absorb your message.  One bite at a time.

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Marketing Meltdown

By Natasha | October 25, 2008

Marketing budgets often take a hit during economic downturns. And whether your department experiences a cutback, or you’re simply on the hunt for inexpensive ways to increase your reach, Jenni Hilton offers ideas for maximizing your PR dollar in a post at Eternal Thoughts from a Sunshine Mind. Here are some highlights:

Get listed in local directories. Search engines like Google and Yahoo provide online users with addresses, phone numbers and maps. “They are free,” she says, “and you can even link to your web site.” Also, establish a presence with sites like CitySearch. Most of these listings enable ratings and reviews, so encourage customers to share their opinions of your product or service.

Schmooze your local media. Everyone loves editorial coverage from national publications, but don’t neglect relationships with smaller outlets. “Offer advice, take a reporter to lunch,” says Hilton. “Local media is easier to reach and if you are doing neat things with the community, be sure they know about it.”

Don’t forget about the people who work for you. “PR isn’t all about outside relations,” she says. “Make sure your employees are motivated and happy.” Pizza parties and “Employee of the Month” awards might seem a little corny, but they’re low-cost ways to let everyone know you appreciate their contribution.

While these ideas can help out when times are tough, they’re worth implementing even in a strong economy.

Source: Marketing Profs and Eternal Thoughts from a Sunshine Mind. Click here to read Jenni Hilton’s complete post.

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Let Everyone in on the Launch

By Natasha | August 7, 2008

Sourced from Service Untitled

Before you introduce a new product or service, it goes through a lengthy design process and rigorous testing. You spend untold hours on a marketing strategy, getting everything just right. Launch day comes, though, and you realize you forgot something: Nobody told your customer-service department about the company’s latest and greatest offering before people started calling and emailing to ask questions.

“It creates a lot of confusion, is bad for morale, and upsets customers,” says the anonymous writer at the Service Untitled blog. “Having a more formalized process that keeps customer service in mind is a much better way to handle product launches.”

Service Untitled suggests these steps:

  1. Educate everyone in customer service on its benefits and features. Even go so far as to require certification before they interact with the public.
  2. Give them a clear sense of the volume you expect, and update them on promotions, discounts and special pricing.
  3. Advise frontline staff on possible problem areas—if you’re concerned about something in particular, let them know. And be sure that they have the resources needed for resolution.
  4. Update your website so the information customers see online matches what a customer service representative will tell them.

“Creating a process lets companies work through [a launch] like it’s second nature,” says Service Untitled. “[They] can be consistent and most importantly, they can go smoothly.”

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